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Things desperately dear, joyously mundane, occasionally painful.

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Things I Know to be True was composed and recorded in 2018 at the ANU School of Music thanks to a generous grant from the Friends of the SoM. The recordings in the studio are entirely improvised (excluding ‘Aves’). All instrumental passages are recorded on my favourite old Young Chang who has been subject to generations of prepared piano at the university. I am particularly fond of the pensive and encompassing pluck on ‘Way Out’, and the spacialisation on ‘Under Toad I & II’.

There is a recording taken on a tucked away piano on my lunch break at the Kennedy Centre. A recording from a melancholy walk through my neighbourhood. Vocal recordings from the abandoned hallways of the university in a storm while waiting for a waylaid recording engineer. Buses, bells, the radio, the sink, the lake, the birds. My grandmother. 

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